Tungsten Rings

Not many people know that tungsten carbide is the principal strongest metal on Earth, according to a scale of mineral hardness, this material is stronger than steel and titanium, also is 10 times harder than gold. Based on this information, is obvious that tungsten carbide rings are scratch-resistant, durable and can give you the guarantee that won’t lose shape or brightness during its life-cycle. Otherwise, you also have tungsten bands which are affordable but either durable than full tungsten ring.


You must be wondering what is tungsten carbide and why is the best option for your ring choice. If you are looking for a ring that looks luxurious and permanently polished like the day you buy it, tungsten must be your decision. This metal is the only exotic material that has the capacity of being always polished no matter how long you got it.


The process for creating this pieces of art is forging powders of tungsten and carbide together at more than 2800 degrees Fahrenheit to form this amazing rings that completely indestructible and scratch proof. Be careful! Scratches can appear, if that happens is necessary that you carry your ring to the place where was made of.


Still, on the subject of the manufacturing process, the mixture of tungsten with carbon and other elements are ground and compressed until forming a ring blank. After that, the blank goes into an oxygen-free furnace at 6200 degrees Fahrenheit, this process called “sintering” is what creates the final metal for jewelry. Finally, the ring is cut and shaped, the process is similar to the cutting and polishing of a bumpy diamond –even though people use the same tools– until getting the final result.


Why Tungsten instead of common gold or other metals? As was mentioned before, this material is super strong. Otherwise, is 10 times harder than 18K gold, 5 times than steel and 4 times than titanium; on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, tungsten range goes from 8 to ten –diamonds take the first spot with 10–. Due to their hardness is a high-quality material that won’t bend, won’t lose brightness or polish.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a ring that accompanies you for the rest of your life, your choice must be a tungsten ring. This material is used either on rings and bands and is unique for any occasion, its variety can go from colors to designs that adapt to every person or preferences.

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