The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten is becoming a perfect fit for wedding bands. With the price of gold and platinum at all time highs tungsten wedding bands make a compelling alternative for savvy buyers who want a great looking ring at a fraction of the cost.

Tungsten has a great combination of elegance and durability. Tungsten, for one, is virtually indestructible. It will not scratch, tarnish or loose its luster while at the same time costing less than other wedding bands by an exponential factor of 10-20X.

Most importantly, a tungsten wedding band will last “forever” – a fitting quality!

There is a tremendous amount of variations that allow you to create a band that is truly “yours”. You can enhance your tungsten wedding band with high quality diamonds, cubic zirconium, a polished or brushed finish and chiseled and faceted finishes are also options. A variety of tungsten wedding band inlays provide even more choices. Tungsten rings are available with inlays of carbon fiber, onyx, mother of pearl and, of course, diamond, czs and other gemstones. All of these combinations helps you create a very special wedding band.

There is one downside to tungsten – it can not be sized. Make sure the vendor you purchase from has a sizing program (where you can trade it in for a different size at a fixed price in the future) and a liberal return policy. Make sure you read the fine print on these policies.

Here are some vital specifications for Tungsten:

Tungsten virtually lasts forever. It is one of the strongest metals on earth, second only to diamonds

Tungsten rings are virtually indestructible; they will never scratch, dull or tarnish.

Tungsten bands have a great “hand” – they feel substantial and solid – as opposed to titanium which is feather light.

Tungsten rings are hypo-allergenic.

Tungsten rings are maintenance free. You will not have to worry about scratches or dings.

Tungsten bands hold their shine for a lifetime. No special polishing or cleaning necessary.

So if tungsten rings are so hard – how do you get them off in an emergency?

Tungsten rings can be removed easily and quickly – in fact, easier than gold or platinum. You can use a hammer to gently tap on the sides of the ring until it cracks and falls off. Alternatively, you can use a vice grip to gradually increase the pressure on the ring until it cracks.

The strength of tungsten carbide is also essentially an Achilles heel. Since the metal is so strong, it has little give or flexibility. When a tungsten wedding band it is under stress from the perimeter it will crack. This happens very rarely in the real work unless done on purpose. However, sometimes tungsten wedding bands can break when dropped at an odd angle. These are typically “freak” instances and not likely unless done intentionally – due to this, buying your ring from a vendor who offers a lifetime warranty become very important.

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